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As per the most recent study done, it has been identified that almost 35% of the working professionals use to spend 9 or less hours a day at work. And this is 38% percent of your total day. So, what do you do in the remaining time to upgrade your career? It does not mean that you should spend almost 100% of your time in upgrading yourself or devoting all your time to work. You need to maintain balance between your personal and professional life.

Most of the employees think their professional growth is a lot more dependent on the manager. But this is not true, if you have the potential and are upgraded with the right skills you can have better career growth. In this blog we will talk about the best tips to upgrade yourself to take your career to the next level.

If you have not started please start following the tips below from today!

Set small goals continuously

On a regular basis you should set small to medium level goals, this helps you to track your performance against the target. Almost every organization sets the goal for each employee whatever the department they belong to. This helps organizations to track employee performance and decide whether he/she is eligible for promotion, increment or not. We generally call it PMS – performance management system.

How can you make goals that are measurable? On a day to day basis, based on the type of work you can set goals. Let’s assume you are a software developer and working on software as per the client requirement. So, in the scenario like this you can set goals on following parameter and later fragment it in deeper level-

  1. Information Gathering
  2. Skill & Technology Required
  3. Prototype Sign Off
  4. UAT
  5. Go-live

You can set your deadline for each activity and it should be prior to the date agreed with client. If you meet all your deadlines before the targeted date it means that you are meeting the goals.

Do you have the right skill to meet your job responsibilities

Most of the time we come to the scenario, where we feel that we don’t have adequate skills to deliver the task. So, to keep yourself updated you need to track the latest updates going on. There are multiple forums, blogs, and websites available, you can subscribe and keep yourself updated with the latest trend.

Let’s assume you are a digital marketing manager and want to keep yourself updated. You can subscribe to Google Ads forum, PPC hero, Moz Blog, Search Engine Land, etc. These blogs are great to keep you updated in your field.

Stretch yourself

There are multiple occasions when you have to stretch yourself to meet work demand. You should welcome those situations and provide the best solution/delivery to impress the client and your manager. This helps your manager to get confidence in you and increase the chance of getting more responsibilities.

It does not mean that you need to stretch for every task. You need to see how crucial that task is? Based on the importance and priority, you can stretch.

Get feedback

The best recommendation is to self-review the work before sharing. But asking for feedback can work awesome to get more accurate information. Both positive and negative feedback works perfect in boosting the performance. Positive feedback motivates you a lot to perform the work with more passion whereas negative feedback gives you a chance to work on the area where improvement is required.

So, asking for feedback is a good way to keep you performing. But it does not mean that you should ask for feedback for every task. You can identify the major task where the client or senior leadership team involves.

Keep updated with the Industry trends

Whatever the role you are handing in your current job, you need to keep yourself updated with the trends and demand. Not only for professional growth but it also gives you the chance to review the industry trend and prepare according to that. Almost all senior leaders of top corporate use to keep themselves updated with industry trends.

Good listener

No matter what your roles and responsibilities, good listening habit can help you excel in your role within the company. From communicating with clients to understanding the requirements, good listening skills can give you a better advantage to better understand the scope and work accordingly. Without understanding the scope in detail, you won’t be able to deliver the right solution with all features.

Most of us have the challenge in developing a good listening habit. So, we have listed some of the active listening practices –

  1. You must be fully active and give full attention
  2. Remove all that can distract you
  3. Always ask for more detail to get the full understanding
  4. Time to time you can ask for feedback
  5. Create important notes to keep track of the key elements


Almost everyone is passionate about a good career and decent salary, but this can only be achieved if we follow the right track. In this post we have outlined the best tips and techniques to make you grow in your career path. Feel free to comment in the section provided below in case you have any recommendation or suggestion.

Happy reading!

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