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Making Use of Social Platform for Job Search

Social platforms having so many communities like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google + and many more. There are numerous communities and group available that help you to get updated with the recent jobs / vacancy corresponding to a different field. You only need to have the account on that website. Creating an account over social site is simple as compared to job portals and most of us having account on famous social portals like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and Google +. Now let’s move deeper into how to make perfect use of the social platform for job searching?

  • Join Group: – There are thousands of job group over social platform. The best way to identify the right group is to search the group and check it in detail.
  • a) How many member that particular group have
  • b) How frequently jobs vacancies are posted?
  • c) Is this job group having jobs that matching your KRA?
  • Join Community: – Similar to the job group, communities having lots of job updates. Candidates can search and join the best job communities. Some of the companies having their own job communities over social portal where they use to post job updates relating to their organization.
  • Make Active Response: – To get the perfect response, job seekers need to make active engagement over different job communities and groups. Depending on your interest, you can share, like and comment on your favorite job.
  • Use of Perfect CV: – To make an impressive impact you need to have a perfect CV. A perfect CV is one which include following important things.
  • a) Your KRA (key responsibility area)
  • b) Your overall experience
  • c) Your academic and professional qualification
  • d) Skills and technology

To get the detailed knowledge about how to create a killer CV you can explore our blog “How to Create Killer Resume?”.

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