What Culture An Employee Want to Have within the Organization?

The culture of an organization plays a very important role in terms of employee engagement towards work and their retention. If you ask this question, most of us will answer that the environment should be friendly. But if you think deeply about it, you will find so many points that need to be considered for a perfect working culture of any organization. The most common features of a successful working environment include clear line of communication, right goals, perfect environment and many more. In this blog we are going to highlight those points in detail.

  • 1. Friendly Environment: There must be friendly and cooperative environment within the company. This seems to be very useful for employee as well as management. Such kind of environment gives employee to enjoy their work and put their efforts to achieve organization goal.

  • 2. Learning & Training at Work: Every workplace must be full of learning and training. This gives a sense of growth and skill development to employee. Learning and training at work seems to be very effective to enhance the productivity and improves employee skill. Most of us have the required skill to perform the jobs. The motive of learning and training is not just help employees to perform their job, but to make them highly skilled in performing their jobs in a proper and effective manner.

  • 3. Flexibility at workplace: Most of us like to have the flexibility in the workplace. So, that they can give balance to their personal and corporate profile. Most of the companies are following Flexible environment within an organization to improve the productivity.

  • 4. Recognition and Reward: Reward and recognition program within an organization helps employees to get recognized on the basis of their efforts and sometime may be rewarded based on their performance.
    Most of the organization use to organize “Reward & Recognition” program on a monthly basis.

  • 5. Growth Opportunities: Organization policy must be in such a way that it gives its employee an opportunity to grow. Depending on his/her capability, superior must assign more roles and responsibilities to their subordinate.

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