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Why Resume Are Not Making Impact to Employer?

There may be lots of reasons that can reduce the importance of your resume. To make it impressive and catchy you need to include relevant and important information. In this article we are going to discuss the important points that you should include in your resume.

  • 1. Career Objective: Resume should start with the career objective. This gives a brief overview about what you want to be in your professional life. It should be clear and concise. Career objective must include following:
    a) Your current and future goal.
    b) Which types of organization you would like to join?
    c) Your growth scope.

  • 2. Experience: If you are an experienced person you should include experience detail by including it. It should start with the most recent.
    a) Experience detail with designation.
    b) Roles and responsibilities with different experience.

    If you are a non experience professional then you can mention your internship experience if you attended any.

    If you are a complete fresher then leave this section.

  • 3. Qualification: Include all your qualification details with percentage, university / college name in this section. If you did any certification and crash course you can include it under this section. The best way to present your qualification in tabular form.

  • 4. Skill Expertise: Include all your skill in which you are the expert and that can help in getting the job. If you are software professional you can mention your programming language expertise like C, C++, Java, Oracle, .Net, PHP or any other.

    This section would not be really important for experienced professional. They can include it in the experience section.

  • 5. Personal detail: Don’t make it too complex. Under personal detail section you can include following detail:
    a) Father name
    b) Date of birth
    c) Present address
    d) Marital status

Your resume should not be very big, try to reduce it to 2-3 pages. Otherwise, it makes negative impression. Employers don’t have enough time to read your complete resume. It should be concise and in brief.

Keep reading our blog! Hope this helps in getting a complete overview about how to create a catchy and attractive resume. Get the deep insight on creating killer resume.

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