Work from home: Pros & Cons

Because of COVID almost every company focuses on the concept of work from home across the globe. Before COVID some of the companies were thinking that working from home can’t be possible for the type of business they were into it. For example, each process within BPO industry is very restricted and agents have access to specific websites/applications to handle the customer query. So, BPO leaders and business experts were under the impression that implementing work from home was not possible in BPO sector. But to mitigate COVID and handle customer enquiries, industries like BPO enabled WFH concept and saw significant growth in employee performance. Based on the most recent study done by McKinsey, for the BPO industry it has been found that during work from home, a lot more spike has been seen in the performance of agents targeting the BPO sector. Not only in BPO but in other sectors a lot of growth has been recorded in employee performance.

Enabling WFM is not as simple as it sounds. There are a lot more steps that have been taken to implement it. Here, are some –

  1. Providing laptop/desktop to employees
  2. Dongle/internet enabled devices provided to employees
  3. Setup the required VPN platform
  4. Enablement of video conferencing platform for better coordination with team
  5. Employee attendance and work tracking platform enablement to track the employee performance tracking

Now, let’s move on to the core part of this article – what are the pros and cons of WFH. We are going to explain in detail the pros and cons from both employee and employer point of view.

Benefits/Advantages of work from home

We are sharing general benefits associated with WFM and this is not specific to any company/sector/type of industry.

Work from home benefit to employees

  1. Dedicate all the working hours towards work and focus more on meeting the daily work deliverables
  2. There are no office distractions like co-worker disturbance and other disturbance
  3. No time spend on commuting to office and office to home
  4. Save money by cutting irrelevant office expenses like commutation, party, tea, snack, etc
  5. Feel more comfortable while working at home. No need to properly dress up, employees can start their days in pajamas
  6. Instant support to any query and problem because he/she is working independently and focus more on solving the problem

Work from home benefits to employer/corporate

  1. Corporate can save lot of money by reducing the number of seats and internet connection, coffee/tea, miscellaneous expense, etc
  2. Lot of time can be saved as most of the employees are working from home and there is no need for roster preparation
  3. Employer can focus more on productivity and other major objectives
  4. Reduce employee turnover as employee are more flexible to work schedule
  5. Save environmental impact, employees working at home use email, video conferencing and chat platforms to communicate with each other. This save lot of paper and protect environment

Drawback/disadvantages of work from home

We are sharing drawbacks or disadvantages associated with WFM and this is not specific to any company/sector/type of industry.

Work from home drawback to employees

Not only benefits but there are some disadvantages associated with work at home. Below we have listed some of the major drawback which employees generally face

  1. Sometime employees feel lack of communication with their team members & supervisor and this leads to the problem of delivery the right information to the customer at right time
  2. Difficult to manage and maintain accountability for any activity
  3. Most the time employee don’t have full access to technology/application and this leads to problem in delivery task on time
  4. Within the office there is a dedicated IT team to sort IT and related issues. But when you have any IT issue at home it may take longer time solve it and this impacts the completion of tasks on time.
  5. While working at home sometime employee feel lonely and this leads to stress

Work from home drawback to employer/corporate

  1. Employer/client major concern is data security, while employees are working at home. They may miss use of the client confidential data.
  2. Sometime, it would be difficult for employer/supervisor to track the productivity of his/her staff
  3. Employee may not be comfortable to organize confidential meeting with employees working at home (WAH)


Right now, almost every company focuses on the concept of work at home and to make it successful they are implementing and deploying the right tools. If everything is set up correctly, work from home can work amazingly for both employee and employer. We have outlined positive and negative aspects of this. Do you have any recommendation/suggestion? Please feel free to share your view by writing a comment in the section provided below.

Happy reading!

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